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You glared at your boyfriend for 2 years from the other side of the room with you (e/c) eyes. Arms crossed and legs joining the rest of your body on the sofa, might seem like a comfortable position for some people, but after sitting like that for half an hour, it wasn't that comfortable anymore. Yes, you had been sitting there for half an hour, doing nothing but glare at Loki.

That bastard had the nerve to enjoy the book he was reading while he had successfully made you mad. And the fact that he hadn't noticed the anger yet, didn't do much to lift your mood.

Though out the day Loki had acted like it was yet another day. Like there was nothing special about today. Not a single thing. When it in fact was a really important day.

An angry huff made itself know in the room as you tried to get Loki's attention. But as expected, he ignored you and continued his reading. For some reason, Shakespeare seemed to interest him more then you.

Maybe you should burn his books. Or the bookshelf. And then him. No, you couldn't do that, you loved your books too dearly to damage them.

Literature was one of the things that held you and Loki together. You were both huge bookworms, and used the texts as a way to communicate. You suggested books, shared books, fangirled together (yes fangirled) and if you got mad at each other spoilers worked as great blackmail.

Also, as a God, Loki would be very hard to burn.

An idea popped into your head, making you smirk from the thought of finally getting Loki's attention.

Quietly, but loud enough for Loki to hear, you started to hum the song Happy Birthday and swaying left and right along it.

”As much as I love your voice, my dear,” Loki spoke up, making you stop and look at him with hopeful eyes ”please stop you're distracting.”

”I HATE YOU SO MUCH!” you yelled as you picked up the pillow next to you and threw it at him. The dark haired God looked up just as the pillow hit him straight in the face. As the soft object fell to his lap, he looked your dead in the eyes and growled.

”Now what was that for?” his voice was threatening, but after living with him so long, it had lost its effect on you.

”AREN'T YOU FORGETTING SOMETHING?!” you continued yelling at him, but he only huffed before giving you a "no".

You threw your hand in the air with a frustrated growl and got up from the sofa. Walking over to the wall, you harshly pulled the calender and stomped over to Loki. The calender smacked against his face as you turned around and left the room.

Loki lifted an confused eyebrow as he watched you leave before his green blue eyes snapped down to look at the calender.

Someday's were circled as something important such as meetings, but there was one that caught Loki's eyes more than the others.

(birthday), ____'s birthday.

The God of Mischief sighed and rubbed his temples in annoyance. How could he forget something like this? Mortals were so sensitive when it come to their birthdays that Loki should have been extra careful to remember things like these. Yet, he had forgotten and now had to fix everything.

He got up from the comfortable chair, put the calender on it's rightful place on the wall, and the pillow back on the sofa before he headed after you. He stopped in front of the bedroom door and took a deep breath before he opened it.

You were sitting on the bed, hugging your legs against your chest and burying your face in your knees. Loki slowly walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge, carefully reaching out to touch your back not wanting to startle you. You didn't look up, but instead trying hard to ignore him.

”Why are you even so upset?” Loki spoke after a long silence.

”Because you forgot my birthday.” you mumble into your lap, making Loki sigh and roll his eyes.

”I didn't forget.” he lied, but being the God of Mischief, it was obvious it was enough convincing ”I just don't see any reason to celebrate that you're one year closer to dying.” your head shot up and your glared at him.

”Don't up it like that.”

”But that's how it is.”

”Does it mean you also don't see a reason to celebrate the day I was brought into this world?”

”Don't twist my word, mortal.”

”Then tell me happy birthday!”

With a light growl and clenched teeth Loki took a deep breath before he spoke again.

”Happy birthday ____.”

”Do I get cake?”


”I want cake, it's my birthday after all.” Loki shook his head resisting the urge to faceplam.

”Fine, we'll get you cake.”

”And a present.”

Loki looked at you with a are-you-fucking-serious look, making you smile at him.

”You should respect our traditions Loki.” you said with a small laughter in the end, remembering how Loki schooled you to respect the Asgårdians traditions when you had visited his family.

The said God rolled his eyes before he moved closer till he was only inches away from your face. A bright blush crept onto your cheeks as you felt his warm breath ghost over your lips. He stared deep into your (e/c) eyes. You wanted to look away from embarrassment, but like a spell was casted onto you, you couldn't move one bit.

Cold fingers touched your cheek, making you jump lightly. No matter how many times he had touched you before, you never got used to the spark that you felt when his skin touched yours. His fingers traced your cheek down to your chin, before making their way up to your lips and touching them lightly.

He didn't say anything, he just watched you while his hand moved along your facial lines, leaving a burning sensation after his cold touch. No matter how illogical it sounded, that is how it felt.

After a while, his fingers buried themselves into your (h/l) (h/c) hair and pulled you closer till your lips touched each other softly. It was a mare touch, with no pressure. It made butterflies explode in your stomach but at the same time you got mad that he wouldn't kiss you properly.

A small whine left your lips, making Loki smirk at the effect he had on you. Sometimes your cuteness made Loki wonder if he was a God after all.

”So impatient.” he chuckled before adding more pressure, giving you the passionate kiss you craved for.

Your hands reached up and touched his cheeks, very similar to how he had touched you just a moment ago. However, as soon as the kiss had started, it also ended.

Loki stood up from the bed and chuckled at your confused and flushed face. If you hadn't been as confused as you were, you would probably have been glaring at him once again.

”C'mon darling, you wanted cake, didn't you?” he walked out from the door, on his way to the front door so the two of you could go and buy the kind of cake you wanted. ”You get the rest of your present when we get back!” he yelled after him, letting a satisfied smirk crawl to his lips as he heard a thud as you fell off the bed.
Hello my darlings! :iconbaibaiplz: So this is my birthday present for one of my dearest friends :iconmirre98:, Miranda! 

I remember when you first transfered to my school when we were in elementary and I remember that you also had a hard time fitting in, being the new principals daughter and all. At first we didn't talk that much, but after a while our friendship started to bloom. And I'm really happy it did.

You are one of my dearest and closes friends, someone I can trust and someone that I love, even if we don't see each other much since we're now in different schools, I cherish you like a sister. I wish you have a great birthday and that I get to celebrate it with you in the future as well.

Happy Birthday :heart:

I don't own Loki.


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